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5 exercises that prevent knee pain as you age

Over the course of your lifetime, your knees take a beating. After all, you use them to sit, stand, walk, run, and make countless other movements with your legs—and depending on the movement, you put a surprising amount of pressure on your knees. Here, the top 5 exercises that’ll help keep your knees pain-free as you age.

You’ve heard it before, and it bears repeating: Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for overall health and wellness. And it’s particularly helpful for aging knees, says Pacheco. “Walking is an effective cardiovascular exercise that puts the least amount of stress on your joints, which makes it a great way to stay active, maintain proper weight, and to maintain your mobility as you get older,” he says. Starting a walking workout—even if it’s just a 15- or 30-minute stroll around your neighborhood once a day—can be especially important if your knees are often stiff, Pacheco adds. “Staying sedentary will make stiff knees stiffer,” he says. “Walking is an easy way to get moving, and it’s accessible for everyone.” 

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