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Please Mr. President, End the Press Briefings

After another week filled with fails from the White House, President Trump is thinking about doing something about it. From the President’s Twitter account he says that because his surrogates cannot be expected to provide accuracy then perhaps he will end daily press briefings. Apparently, this administration can’t be expected to be truthful with live questions, because that’s super hard.

So maybe only the Kremlin can be trusted to report from the Oval office.

I am actually all for ending these briefings. They have become nothing more than poorly executed attempts at spin anyway. Sure most press briefings are spin, but these are just bad. You could put my 13-year old up there explaining why his chores aren’t done and his answers would be more believable and organized than what is put out by Spicer and the rest of the Trump underlings. At this point, there is no reason to have them.

The truth almost never emerges, they are always argumentative. The spin they use isn’t to paint their policies in a better light, it’s to blame the media for exposing their incompetence. I really wonder why any self-respecting reporters still want to sit through that, it has to be excruciating to listen to and try to piece together any sort of coherent article or on-air report.

If you have gotten this far in the tenure of the Trump administration and you’re still paying attention to the daily press briefings from Sean Spicer, then you’re probably in one of three groups:

A. You’re a supporter of the administration, and you’re still holding on to hope that things will get better. You want to believe what you’re hearing or you need ammunition to troll the social media pages of CNN and MSNBC. You probably don’t listen to the briefings live, you wait for Fox News to filter and translate them for you.

B. You hate the administration, and you watch with three web browsers open. One set to Google, one set to Facebook and the other to Twitter. With each new statement you first Google for the truth, then you tweet a snarky one-liner and you follow that with an extended Facebook post about nuclear holocaust and WWIII. In short, you love the drama and you are also stricken with an uncontrollable need to use hyperbole. Almost nobody listens to you but it makes you feel like your doing something.

C. You’re in the FBI and it’s your job to collect evidence.

Bonus. You’re Mike Huckabee and you’re waiting for Sean Spicer to get fired so you can celebrate your daughter getting the full-time Press Secretary job.

No matter what category you fall into, these briefings are a joke. They are a complete waste of time and frankly an insult to the intelligence of most people who happen to pay any attention to them. When a surrogate of the President of the United States is speaking, the American Press and more importantly the American people should have some confidence in what is being said. We shouldn’t have to sift through multiple articles, reports, sound bites and tweets to determine what is and isn’t accurate. If every statement from this administration needs a map key to determine what it actually means then why are we even still listening?

So Mr. President, just do us all a favor and end this charade. In my opinion, you seem to have no intention of being up front and honest with the American people. We are a little over 100 days into this trainwreck and it isn’t getting any better. Your detractors will never believe you and your supporters will never question you.

Let’s just stop playing this game now.

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