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How Does Your Creativity Help You With Your Depression or Anxiety?

Creativity comes in many strains. Whether you paint, write, dance, play an instrument, or act, having a creative outlet can soothe anxiety and save you from your darkest thoughts.

What is your creative outlet? How does it help you relax?

Do you use art as therapy? How does color improve your mood?

Do you express your darkest thoughts through your art?

Are you sharing this art with others or is it just something you do for you? How does sharing help or hurt? What does it feel like for you when someone doesn’t get your point?

Has your art touched someone else and helped them through their own crisis?

What suggestions would you give to someone wanting to access their creative self as a means for controlling or improving depression and anxiety?

How is it difficult for men to use creativity and art in this way?

Is creativity—or the courage to be creative—harder as we get older? How can you stay creative at any age?


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