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The Awakening Man: Who You Are and Why the World Needs You

Do you aspire to share your gifts with the world, to make a difference, but have no clue what that would look like or how that might come about?

awakening man

Do you feel like there is something more to you and to life, but you can not quite put your finger on what that is? Maybe you do have a sense of it but you are not sure how to incorporate that knowing into your everyday life. Do you yearn for fulfilling and thriving work, relationships, and overall lifestyle? Do you desire to be yourself, unapologetically, with no masks or pretenses; to just show up as you are and have that be good enough?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then I would say you are an awakening man. Awakening is often seen as some esoteric happening where you are becoming ‘one with the universe’. While that is one way to look at it, what I am referring to here is a very real, and down-to-earth, process where you are becoming the highest expression of yourself, free from self-limiting, and self-defeating, thoughts, beliefs, and habit patterns.

This is a process of personal growth and evolution marked by some key characteristics. As an awakening man, you are:

  1. Holistically Oriented: You value and nurture the true trinity: mind, body and soul. You understand that in order to reach your highest and truest potential, each one of these aspects of yourself requires continual cultivation and balance. When any one of these cogs goes undernourished or overemphasized the whole system feels off and not function properly.
  2. Spiritually Aware: You know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your relationship to Something Greater (whether you consider that to be God, Life, the Universe, Source, or anything else) is the foundation of your life and the place from which your thoughts and actions spring.
  3. Socially conscious: You are aware of what is happening within your community, country, and the world at large; and you desire to be a part of the positive change in any one of those spheres. You deeply care about others and wish to make a difference, however small or large you believe that difference to be.
  4. Intellectually Curious: You are constantly searching for and learning new things. You question life deeply and carve out time in your day for self-reflection. You read books, listen to inspirational material, ask probing questions—anything that keeps the mental juices flowing. 
  5. Deeply motivated :You are not afraid to admit that you want it all: fulfilling relationships; thriving, purposeful work; an abundance of time, money, and energy to take care of your mind, body, and soul; pursue your passions; and give back to society.
  6. Purpose driven: You are not concerned with survival alone, nor with single-mindedly attaining material possessions. You have a deeper mission that pulls you. Your purpose is your path.
  7. Authentic: You insist on being yourself because you know that you are a unique, and necessary, expression of life. You are your own benchmark and therefore you do not compare yourself with others.
  8. Self-integrated: What you want, what you say, and what you do are harmonized—or harmonizing more and more each day. You are authentic and live a values-based life.
  9. Self-accountable: You know that you, and only you, are responsible for the quality and direction of your life. You are not a victim. You are a co-creator with Life itself and therefore take responsibility for the world you experience.
  10. Courageous: You speak from the heart, confront your emotional debris and vulnerabilities, stand up for those unable to do so themselves, and wholeheartedly share your gifts with the world.

Why does it matter to know this? Recognizing the truth of these character traits within you can help you gain clarity as to who you are, what drives you, and how you can best serve your world. When I talk about world, I do not necessarily mean humanity, although humanity will surely be impacted by your awakening. What I am more specifically referring to is your sphere of influence, or where you would like to make an impact. This may mean the world, but it may more likely mean your country, city, community or personal relationships. Whichever level you choose to operate at, know that your impact will be felt far beyond that sphere and this is….

Why the World Needs You

You are the 21st century man, a pioneer of the new world that is emerging. Out of the chaos, fear, destruction, and overall negativity that currently swirl around us, something distinct and auspicious is emerging within you: a deep desire to become the change this new world needs.

That is what this calling is. That is what that feeling of ‘there’s something more’ is. It is your higher-self seeking full, unbound expression in this world.

Your soul is calling you to step up to play the vital role your are meant to play.

I do not want to over romanticize this. This does not mean that you are going to become Iron Man, King Arthur, or anything like that. What you are being called to become is more of who you naturally are Something which has been buried beneath the fear and conditioning of the mind.

That is what this calling is. That is what that feeling of ‘there’s something more’ is. It is your higher-self seeking full, unbound expression in this world.

How that is going to emerge and what that is going to look like is something you will feel into each day.

Some awakening men will make a difference and find full self-expression in the world of creative arts or politics; others will find it in the world of finance or industry. Some awakening men will become doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, or engineers; others will become therapists, coaches, or healers. It’s not about what you do, it’s about why and how you do it.

The world does not need more of the same. The world needs more of you fully expressing your authentic power, purpose, and potential. By stepping into your truth in this way, every relationship you have will be positively transformed and you will have a far-reaching impact in ways no-one can possibly imagine.


What does being an awakening man mean to you?

What are the implications?

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