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Hedi Slimane Photographed Paris Jackson for the Cover of ‘Teen Vogue”s Music Issue

Paris Jackson for "Teen Vogue," Vol. II: The Music Issue. Photo: Hedi Slimane/"Teen Vogue"

Paris Jackson for “Teen Vogue,” Vol. II: The Music Issue. Photo: Hedi Slimane/”Teen Vogue”

Three months after Teen Vogue debuted in its new quarterly format with the Bella Hadid-, Sasha Lane- and Troye Sivan-fronted “Love” issue, the magazine is now debuting Vol. II with the help of one of fashion’s new favorite teen, Paris Jackson. The fledgling model, actress and daughter of the King of Pop covers Teen Vogue‘s “Music” issue with an editorial lensed by Hedi Slimane and a cover interview conducted entirely via text message with the magazine’s Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi, because youths!

In the interview, Jackson discusses how music “has gotten [her] through the toughest of times” thanks to her favorite artists, which she says include the likes of The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Rolling Stones and the “Hamilton” soundtrack. She also tells Picardi that she also hopes to better her songwriting skills, and that Paul McCartney is her end-game, texting: “He’s the love of my life. I actually already wrote a song I’d like him to sing, but it probs won’t happen.” 

This being Teen Vogue in 2017, the pair also touched on activism and the causes closest to Jackson’s heart, including the current economic emergency in Venezuela:

Power to the people. What’s happening in Venezuela has been heavy on my mind recently, mostly because of the how the citizens are really, really struggling right now. Do you know how much most of them get paid, like, hourly? It’s outrageous, not to mention [many of them] can barely afford food, and when they can, there’s hardly any food for them to buy.

Jackson also worked with Raise It Up!, a Flint, Mich.-based organization that promotes youth engagement through performance, literary arts and social justice, to create a powerful poem about the Flint water crisis that she then read in a video directed by Mikey van Beuren:

To read Jackson’s full interview, head to

Homepage photo: Hedi Slimane/Teen Vogue

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