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Lucinda Chambers Is Stepping Down as Fashion Director of British ‘Vogue’

After 36 years at British Vogue, Lucinda Chambers will be stepping down from her longtime role of fashion director at the publication. This move, which was announced on British Vogue‘s social media accounts on Wednesday, comes five months after the title’s revered editor-in-chief, Alexandra Shulman, announced her own departure, which takes effect in June. Chambers — who was named British Vogue‘s fashion director in July 1992 — will also exit this summer.

In a statement on British Vogue, Shulman wrote:

Lucinda has been the most wonderful creative collaborator, as well as friend, throughout my whole editorship. She has produced many of the most influential and inspiring fashion shoots in the world during her time as fashion director of this magazine as well as a huge number of our most remarkable covers. It is impossible to overstate her vision, commitment, imagination and her ability to bring the best out of teams that work with her. I, like her many admirers, will be excited to see what she produces in her next chapter.

Chambers began her career as the personal assistant to British Vogue‘s former Editor-in-Chief Beatrix Miller after a piece from her personal jewelry line made it onto a page in the magazine. She became Grace Coddington’s assistant three years later, after which she briefly moved to Elle UK before returning to British Vogue in 1992.

There’s no word yet on who might replace Chambers, but the task of finding someone will likely fall on the publication’s incoming editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, when he takes over in August.

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