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Maria’s Solution to Kinda, Sorta Freeing the Nipple

I recently decided to stop wearing a bra, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. As sick as I am of wearing a winter coat for nearly five months straight, I’m just as over wearing a bra since my teens. A telltale sign is the fact that as soon as I arrive home, the first thing I usually do is unclip and put away my bra. (Don’t we all do this, ladies?) And the latest runway trend of going commando up there has inspired my decision a little bit, too. As of last week, my bras have been in hibernation and I’ve been happily freeing the nipple for 14 days straight — okay, almost 14 days straight.

On the days where I do feel like I need a little more coverage than usual, I throw on these Nippies to feel at ease. They’re sticky, flesh-toned nipple covers that I discovered from YouTube girl Ingrid Nilsen. She’s been wearing them since last summer and I was instantly convinced that I should get myself a pair, as well. (And also because when it comes to YouTube vloggers, I am very impressionable.) But Ingrid was right, and these Nippies live up to her hype. They also haven’t lost any stickiness after a few wears, plus they’re barely noticeable under my clothes. Once they get too dirty to wear, all I need to do is give a quick wash with soap and water.

In case you’re wondering, Ingrid uses this Dr. Bronner soap to clean her Nippies, as mentioned in her April favorites video. And yes, I’ll be buying that, too.

Bristols 6 Nippies Skin, $26, available at Shopbop.

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