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Model with 24″ Waist Allegedly ‘Too Big’ for Louis Vuitton Runway

Hoyer walking in the Louis Vuitton spring 2017 show. Photo: Imaxtree

Hoyer walking in the Louis Vuitton spring 2017 show. Photo: Imaxtree

Every so often, a model comes forward with a story about being rejected from a fashion show for her size — a disturbing scenario, considering how thin most so-called ‘straight-sized’ models tend to be, anyway. 

The latest troubling account comes from a 20-year-old Danish model named Ulrikke Hoyer, who was allegedly dismissed from Louis Vuitton’s recent 2018 Cruise runway show at the very last minute for being, in her own words, “too big.” This, despite the fact that – according to her her profile on – Hoyer was a worldwide exclusive for Vuitton’s fall 2016 show. (She’s also been featured on, where she was called “an ideal [Nicolas] Ghesquière girl,” and this past September, the New York Times dubbed her its no. 1 “new model to watch.”)

Hoyer shared her story on both Instagram and Facebook, and it goes something like this: 

Back in April, Louis Vuitton showed interest in having Hoyer, who is 5’10” with a 24″ waist, walk in its 2018 Cruise show – which was taking place in Kyoto, Japan on May 14. When she flew to Paris for her fitting on April 25, Hoyer says she was “confirmed to the show” before she’d even put her own clothes back on. Hoyer says she knew she wasn’t in her “skinniest ‘show-shape'” at the time, but was thrilled that LV wanted her, anyway. By the time she flew the 23 hours to Japan, she was relieved to find that her hip measurements were .5 cm smaller than they had been at the time of her fitting. 

But things went downhill when she had another fitting a few days before the show. Though things seemed to proceed without a hitch, Hoyer was told that she’d need to return for an additional fitting the following day, after which she received word from her French agent that the casting director thought Hoyer had “a very bloated stomach” and a “bloated face,” and that she was to consume “only water for the next 24 hours.” The following day, Hoyer was scheduled for yet another fitting – but before it could happen, she learned that LV had cancelled her from walking in the show, entirely. This time, she was told, her back measurements were an issue. Following dinner that night, she was on a plane heading home, feeling humiliated and defeated.

“This is not about me being canceled from a show,” Hoyer writes. “I’ve tried that before (all girls on my level have) you win some and you loose [sic] some that’s the game. But I cannot accept the ‘normality’ in the behavior of people like this. They find pleasure in power over young girls and will go to the extreme to force an eating disorder on you. If this comes from them or some of the fashion houses I don’t know as I’ve only been dealing with the casters.”

She makes sure to point out that she doesn’t blame Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière for the incident (“[he] is super nice and treats everybody with respect and even remembers all the girls names”), but says that runway pieces are “made for women to have eating disorders. Go watch the show and see for yourself, even the smallest tightest pants are loose on the models they book.”

Hoyer continues, “I am glad I am a 20 and not a 15 years old girl, who is new to this and unsure about herself, because I have no doubt that I would then have ended up very sick and scarred long into my adult life.”

Fashionista has reached out to Louis Vuitton regarding Hoyer’s story and will update this post if we hear back. You can read her full explanation of the debacle on her Instagram post, below. 

I just returned from Tokyo/Japan, where Louis Vuitton held a beautiful cruise show in Kyoto, I just never made it to Kyoto cause I was canceled for the show due to being ‘too big’. (I’m a size 34-36) Ashley Brokaw’s caster Alexia had said that there had been some problems during the fitting. According to her I had “a very bloated stomach”, “bloated face”, and urged me to starve myself with this statement “Ulrikke needs to drink only water for the next 24 hours”. I was shocked when I heard it. I woke up at 2am and was extremely hungry. The breakfast started at 6:30am – I had the absolute minimum. I was afraid to meet Alexia so my luck she didn’t arrive until 8am, when my plate was taken off the table. She said good morning to me and the other girls and looked at me, then down on my non-existent plate and up at me again. She was checking if I had been eating food. At 7pm my mother agent from Denmark called my to tell the sad news that Louis Vuitton had chosen to cancel me from the show without the refitting and that I was going to be sent back home. Not only did I have a belly, my face was puffy now also my back was a problem. I am glad I’m 20 years old with an elite sports background and not a 15 year old girl, who are new to this and unsure about herself, because I have no doubt that I would then have ended up very sick and scarred long into my adult life. TO READ THE FULL STORY CLICK IN MY BIO!!!!!!! #LVCruise2018 #mistreatmentofmodels #AshleyBrokaw #thefutureisfemale #sowhyeatingdisorders #youknowitstrue #shareifyoucare #jamespscully

A post shared by Ulrikke Hoyer (@ulrikkehoyer) on May 18, 2017 at 7:17am PDT

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