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It can be very hard to pull yourself out of a deep depression or away from the cliff of suicide. It’s important to know to whom to reach out for help. It might be more important to remember that it’s desirable to reach out.

I wrote this years ago for a dear friend struggling with the call of the grave. She answered that call later the same year.

Thirteen years later, I miss her still.


You are perfect in your misery.
You reach for the bottom.
The darkness just seems closer.
Oblivion seems softer somehow.
Deeper and deeper, down and down.
The pressure increases exponentially.
Misery should never be squared.
No one wants to die by degrees.
One strong kick, two perhaps,
You could break the surface,
Propel yourself into the blinding light.
Burn your retina if you must,
But save yourself.

If you have not the strength to swim for the surface,
Swim to me.

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