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Did Pippa Middleton’s Brother’s Date Wear WHITE to Her Wedding?

Call the etiquette police because this is an EMERGENCY.

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Donna Air, a British TV presenter who is often referred to in the British tabloids as James Middleton’s on/off girlfriend, attended Pippa’s wedding today in Englefield, England with James. And she committed the biggest wedding guest faux pas she could have possibly committed: she wore white.

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It’s possible that the dress, by British designer Emilia Wickstead, is actually a very, very faint yellow. But what matters at this wedding more than most weddings is the photos, and in photos it looks white, which is very bad manners indeed.

Judging by her giddy entrance she has no idea she made such a grave fashion mistake.

13 articles

And here she is wearing her white outfit in the arm of James.

Do you think James is like, “Darling, are you wearing white?” And Donna Air is all, “No, darling — this is yellow! It’s not white. It’s antique cream.” And then he’s like, “I forgive you.”

Pippa Middleton looked freaking fab as fuck today, if I do say so myself. Behold her once more in her glorious Giles Deacon wedding dress, because this will never get old.

From: Cosmopolitan
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