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What 8 diet experts eat at McDonald’s

By Dana Leigh Smith

Believe it or not, sometimes even diet experts eat at the Golden Arches.

What do Ronald McDonald and dietitians have in common? They’re “lovin’ it”—the Golden Arches menu that is. Before you call our bluff, hear us out: Not only is this true, we’ve got proof—in the form of eight diet experts’ go-to picks.

Bear in mind that most of our experts said that dining at the fast food joint was only a “sometimes” occurrence, but either way, their RD-sanctioned picks are sure to come in handy next time you can’t kick a fast food craving or find yourself with no where else to eat. Although they don’t exactly qualify as the best weight loss foods in the world, you have our word that none of the meals below will drown your hard-earned results in a pile of fry grease. And for the best top swaps at MickeyDs, be sure to buy our new Eat This, Not That! 2015 book!

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