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Random Acts of Kindness: A Call for Submissions

Random acts of kindness are the actions that allow us to continue to have faith in humanity. Sometimes they are mere courtesies, other times truly over and above what most would do. Today, while visiting at a nursing home, an elderly, disabled woman told me her story of a random act of kindness she received. Following is her story, paraphrased:

I was shopping at Walmart, looking at the snack mix I like when I noticed a man standing a few yards away from me. He offered to get a larger package off the shelf for me. I told him, ‘No, thank you. That price is too high.’ He then surprised me when he told me he’d treat me to the package and shocked me when he told me that he would like to treat me to whatever I needed in the store. He wouldn’t tell me his name and he walked the whole store with me while I drove my electric wheelchair. He kept asking, ‘What about this? Do you need any of this?’ When we got to the register, he told the cashier he was paying. The total was almost $100 and he paid the whole thing. He wouldn’t tell me his name. I’ve heard from others here in the home that this man has helped several people and he’s always there on Tuesdays.

Following are two short videos, each with several examples. Watch and then see the writing prompts that follow.



Have you received a random act of kindness? What happened just before that allowed the act to take place? How did the act make a difference for you at that time? Have you reflected on the act since then, before now?

What random act of kindness have you observed others perform or receive? How did it impact you? If you know how it impacted the recipient tell us what you know.

Tell us your story! When you are ready to submit, click the red box, below.


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